STC Direct Wins National Sales Recognition for 10th Consecutive Quarter

  KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — STC Direct, a premier sales and marketing company, won a national sales award for their performance during the fourth quarter of 2016, as well as the overall year, marking their tenth consecutive win. Led by President Justin Sgro, STC Direct continues to exceed sales targets and provide high-quality results to the client. As the top-performing office on their campaign nationwide, the company’s consistent achievements have earned the quarterly “Campaign Cup” trophy for 10 straight quarters. Winning Continue reading →

Identifying Your WHY Is Equal to Your Success

Why do you wake up early in the morning? Why did you apply the job you have now? Why did you take the course you are pursuing now? Why did you open the kind of business you have? Why did you get married? Why do you live in the State or the location you do now? Why did you buy a car? Why do you need a new phone? Why………. In life, you realize that every action is be followed with a why. However, most Continue reading →

Leader Spotlight – Shmuel Mischel

  Meet Shmuel Mischel – One of STC Direct’s Top Leaders Hi, I’m Smuel Mischel and I’m an Account Manager at STC Direct. I’m originally from Highland Park, NJ. Prior to working at STC Direct I worked at IDF, doing Global operations private security. I chose to work at STC because of the opportunity that they provide for me. I love the amazing atmosphere and relationships that I’ve created here. One of my goals is to open my own marketing office in the STC Direct organization, and potentially even become an influential Continue reading →

Resiliency – Motivational Video

You can write everything down if you want to. Be brave enough to write down every one of your goals, but life is going to hit you in your mouth so your WHY has to be greater than that knockdown. If it was easy, everybody would do it, and if life’s got you backed up, start fighting back with everything you have. When your WHY is greater than the punches that life throws, greater than defeat, greater than the trials and tribulations you must endure, Continue reading →

As I Bid Farewell, I Want to Leave You All with This

  As I get ready to embark on a new journey I chose for myself, I can’t help but be grateful for how working with STC Direct has enriched my life both professionally and personally. I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing company whose purpose for existence is to develop individuals and provide them the opportunity to achieve success based on their efforts. What makes this company great is not its many awards nor its net worth, but its ability to change Continue reading →

Make the Most of Your New Job or First Internship

Getting your first job or an internship creates a very good feeling and opportunity to put into practice what you learned in college. But measuring up to the expected standards of your employers can prove to be a hard nut to crack. Doing things as required of you and staying ahead on every project you are allocated requires persistence and determination among many other things. And to help you make the most of that first job or internship you got, here are the 10 most Continue reading →